What is Tree D ?

3D Printing is powerful, it will be part of everyone's future. The possibilites are infinite.
Tree D is a web platform, aiming to let everyone share, help, contact, trade and much more ! Therefore, we believe this service needs help to exist in order to be what YOU want.
It needs the community to be part of every part of its construction, design and development :)

The platform

In the Tree D platform, we want you to be able to share, trade, show, talk, print, learn, and discover. Everyone out there shall be able to access free courses, tutorial in order to shape, modelize, 3Dprint and more. Be the link between users, 3D printers makers and 3D models.

The 3D printing

Everyday, more people have access to 3D-printing technology, more 3D models are available, and more possibilites are offered by the 3D printing revolution. What if we were able to 3D print in space ? A satelite ? Another space 3D printer ? There is no limits to the imagination.

The team

For now, we are five passionate innovators, travelers (and much more of course!), mainly from computer sciences field based in Paris and Montréal. We want everyone in this journey with us through development, marketing, entrepreneurship, and 3D printing !